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The Game

This game originated as my entry to UE4 game jam of April 2016 and, unlike most of my games, I actually found it to be fairly fun to play. So I decided to give it some more work and release for everyone to enjoy :)

The Jam

The jam theme was 'Spring Into The Future' hence the main character is a spring. If you are interested in looking at other submissions they can be found here, also check out the playthrough of every submission done by AwesomeAllar on his Twitch channel. He is a great guy who does a lot of awesome stuff including but not limited to monthly playthroughs of every UE4Jam submission for that month.


The game itself is a fast paced 3D platformer, a tribute of sorts to platformers of the past, except this time the camera is not trying to drive you mad (hopefully).


The gameplay is a spring character jumping through levels, overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies to collect enough of anti-rust substance that is required for him to stop himself from succumbing to rust in the future. There will be unlockable active abilities and character upgrades. Each level takes only a few seconds to a couple of minutes to beat.


For now there is a demo version available that will be updated to reflect current state of the game. I intend to release full version later for a very low price. I will consider it ready when there are at least three full worlds with a dozen levels each, complete with bosses.

Download demo

WIP Demo v6 (April 30 2016) 132 MB

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